sabato, ottobre 08, 2005

Google Reader launched

Google Reader launched: "Google Reader launched today, it’s a web-based RSS reader akin to Bloglines. It uses your existing Google ID so if you already have a Gmail account you’re signed up. Like Gmail, Google Reader uses AJAX to help speed things up and make the system feel more like a desktop application. However the interface still needs some work (at least in FireFox). Read on for our first impression.

There are no feeds in Reader at default and its blank state isn’t very pleasing to the eye. It would have been nice if there were at least some links to popular feeds in the system (at this point that would be limited to Google employees, but could still be interesting). You need to first search to add feeds to your list, but that takes a good bit of time. Interestingly enough on the search results pages there is a place for you to tag feeds before subscribing.

Since Google is currently blocking GoogleRumors from SERPS, searching for us results in a list of sites that link to us (which there are a lot of). You’ll have to manually add our feed, which means just type the feed URL into the search box:

One oddity is after subscribing to a feed the UI breaks down, see screenshot:

The text “You have recently subscribed to” takes up all the room t"